These are the Droids You're Looking For

3,333 Alpha Droids have evolved from the remnants of human life to seek a new life in the Metaverse. Each Alpha Droid will cost 0.03eth


Each Alpha Droid is unique and randomly generated from their unexpected evolution into the Metaverse. Not all are undamaged, some have had a harder life than others and each have collected different components and clothing along the way, such as head wear, eye types, and more! Note: Excuse their crazy fashion sense, but they could only grab what was left over from the disastrous global event.

About Alpha Droids

35% re-invested into Community Wallet. 35ETH towards NFT prizes exclusive for our holders. Remaining to fund our Metaverse expansion.

Alpha Droids


10%Hype party in the Discord + 1x Alpha Droid NFT Giveaway

25%Begin giveaway prize shopping

50%Random Airdrop of 5x Alpha Droid NFTs to our holders and run our first NFT giveaway Event

75%Launch Alpha Droids custom merch, Plus 5x more Alpha Droid NFTs randomly airdropped to our holders.

100%Purchase remaining NFT giveaway prizes. Commence sell out phase.

Sell out phase

Run NFT giveaways for our holders - totalling 35eth worth (1x Alpha Droids NFT = 1x Raffle Ticket)

Airdrop Alpha Droids VX avatars to all holders (TBC)

After purchasing giveaway prizes, 15ETH will still be available within our community wallet. This will fund roadmap 2.0 and our expansion into the Metaverse (Sandbox land, environments development and P2E game creation - Subject to change)

Meet our team

Alpha Droids is backed by a community driven team who have banded together through a number of successful NFT projects. Together they combine their aspirations to create the ultimate community focused NFT project, which will bring great benefits to it’s holders.

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About Alpha Droids

3,333 Alpha Droids uniquely generated characters who are living simultaneously between the real World and the Metaverse. Their creation is a result of an unforeseen evolution of Humans and Artificial Intelligence.